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Owner, Toy, and Pony

Or a good ending to a relatively blah day.

One of my stalls in-world got returned due to the sim being closed.

Had a nasty cough and a fever last night that frelled my sleeping all to hell. Called in
to work as a result. Did manage to get some non-kink painting done though, but felt
bleh all day.

But then I got to spend several lovely hours with Owner, and then with Pink Toy,
and that made it all better. :)

(I'm the fuzzy one :) )

A few weeks back, Owner, Miss Padar, Haku, and I were sitting around in the holodeck above our home, and the subject of the red Star Trek corset that's been floating around various fetish blogs/ lists came up. As always happens when four kinky girls (two human, one feline, and one pony ;)  ) get together to chat, that mutated. At some point the idea of latex uniforms from a certain tv show came up. A simple search showed....nothing.

Not a single match for latex  uniforms from that show in SL.

this needed addressed ;)

Heart Strings

She had ached for the faceless apparition at the first glance. Willingly she knelt, wrists in her lap in supplication. She sensed somehow that even without lips, her new owner was smiling as the lines of black latex descended. She closed her eyes, smiling herself as she felt her Owner's warm love touch and cover her, binding her as an extension to it.

Voodoo Dolls

Gliding behind them unseen, she formed the little poppets from her own shiny blackness. The ones she desires felt a chill down their spines as the spell was begun. Their mistake was to say it was their imagination. As the spell completed, they could say no more.

Mother of Black Pearls

The occasional beauty wanders through into her realm and she finds them. Like grit in a clam's shell, she coats them in layer upon layer of tight, constraining, shiny black. Soon they are immobile, trapped in constriction and warmth, floating through her realm as dark treasured gems. They become prized living pieces in her otherworldly collection.

Sketching again

The Empty Gloss

Was she human once? Her silence doesn't say, but she floats at the edges of awareness, sensed only by a few. They are the ones who see her dark, shining curves and their hearts quicken not from fear, but some deep primal desire. Sometimes one of those few will see her clearly, will stare at the empty space where a face would be. The two will touch, and never be seen as separate beings again.

Christmas Toy TF number two

Second in the series, a Rocking Horse TF:

This one the Macguffin is a frame-style ergonomic chair with a latex seat. When sat upon it flows over the person sitting, covering them and triggering the transformation

Christmas Toy TF art

Posted this to the Erotic Transformation Nexus last night, and I know it isn't SL related (unless a more talented scripter than I wants to try to make it- hint hint) but I thought it fit the general shiny kinkyness of my blog.

i'm going to try to do a series of these, like last year's halloween pics.

So the first painting is the end result of a latex-y jill-in-the-box. The box is delivered in a closed state with no figure inside. The first person to crank the handle to the full tune triggers the capture and transformation. The lid pops open, and thick tendrils of nano-laden latex stream out and grab them. the software running the box defaults to a female component, but can easily adapt to male. The component is quickly dragged inside the box, and the lid closes. The system then renders the component unconscious, absorbs their limbs, builds a flexible tube replacement for the lower body, encases the upper body, and begins programming the component with it's new OS. Once complete, the Jill-in-the-box is complete. Further turnings of the handle result in the female (regardless of component's original type) popping out as a festive surprise.

Episode VI, Return of the Mixed Nuts.

I've been kinda lazy, so today is a catch-up day in blogtown. One omission I've meant to fix for a long time, but didn't have a good picture with which to do so, was to make an entry for my other big sister in SL, Ingrid.

She's inspiring, kinky, funny, cute, and has always been there for me since the days from I was a little purple-haired newbie, and I'm always going to do my best to be there for her.

So a few weeks ago, Zilvie springs this incredibly hot encasement/ MC/ nurse fetish dream she'd had and written down on me. That led to me painting it for her visually:

Well, I couldn't leave it there. I did a little poking in Wngs3d (Hate hate hate,) and got a sculpty for the head made, then painted the skin and made a shape. I'll have it out in the shop as soon as Zilvie or I figure how to get a vendor to give her a cut. In the meantime, here's a few shots I took at Skara brae, since they have a nice yummy cybernetics lab: